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So for the past week, I’ve been going on a raw food detox by @deliciousdetoxdelivery. I always look forward to getting my deliveries in the morning. The food’s been great! Yummy stuff!

Look kids it’s John Woo!

Mickey shaped ice cream before the Golden Mikey’s ‘Awards’ show… Why yes please, in this gawd forsaken heat!

Mission accomplished. Achievement reattained. #DisneyVeteran status reinstated.

Woohoo! Disneyland HK Hollywood Hotel…. It’s turquoise!!! XD Loves it!

Holy burrito! So good….. (at Mu Cha Chos)

Going a wee bit old school for a few hours while they fix me Note2. Have to say I miss using this phone… Bring back QWERTY keyboards!! 😩

My brunch date this morning….. #fancybreakfastclub

Fancy….. #fancybreakfastclub

Quar/tet, not hipster but indie. Lookie! #Dash having a meeting with potential music video directorial team. Woohoo!