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Thankfully we weren’t attacked by Sand People…. #legendpilot #nofilter

And we shot in Tatooine….. #legendpilot

PDB’s new show! By @megat_sharizal “Projek @diskobaldi is back n this time we are singing! Catch #pdbsings at @pjlivearts 15-18 may 2014. Tickets are on sale at RM55 and RM45 for students! Get your tickets now! #bolehtinggilagi”

We provide on set car wash service…..

I have the Power!!!!!!

Kimchi Jigae instant noodles…. Yummy.

Ingredients I used to make Kimchi Jigae inspired instant noodles this afternoon…

Homemade strawberry ice cream over homemade gluten-free pineapple upside-down cake…. Mmmmmmm….

No detail too small. Fellow barista Zahier giving the plants at @quartetttdi a little TLC… (at Quar/tet)

Morning shift at @quartetttdi. Drop by for a cuppa. Have you tried our in-house granolas? Also comes in milkshakes!