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Happening in less than 2 hours, folks! Drop by if you’re in the TTDI area! Show starts 9pm!

Post-hair-salon sushi catchup. Ahax!

And we’re back! THIS THURSDAY!! Mark your calendars! Improv craziness is going back to the Crackhouse Comedy Club in TTDI. More deets on Facebook! Look us up @AIIAimprov!

My attempt at Toasted Coconut Chess Pie. My shortcrust might be too flaky, still yummy. If you want a piece, you know where I live…. ~_^ Recipe by @emmaredvelvet of A Beautiful Mess

Couple of days ago, @michaelcsm said I’m quite the healthy-eater. I guess it’s true. Couldn’t sleep so I fixed myself a snack. Blanched okra with soft boiled egg, topped w sriracha

My Pre Guardians of the Galaxy dessert date giving the Miam Miam Caramelised Banana Pancake the taste test….

So for the past week, I’ve been going on a raw food detox by @deliciousdetoxdelivery. I always look forward to getting my deliveries in the morning. The food’s been great! Yummy stuff!

Look kids it’s John Woo!

Mickey shaped ice cream before the Golden Mikey’s ‘Awards’ show… Why yes please, in this gawd forsaken heat!